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sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2009

Witchcraft I. The Divine King in England.

Romanorum Brittaniae

Brittania before Anglo - Saxon Heptarquía

Sangrant Colchester Chronicles, where Bir - Bir - Boust, the black magician, is named for the first time.

“… When the wizard has prepared the poison, he ought to have the magic number. He certainly would need the best way to get away from that place.

The number is the strongest shield against the devils.

The difference among wizards and magicians is easy to see; the first one only asks to the devil and waits, but the second always gives an order. The devil deeply hates magicians for this reason.”

(Extract from the manuscript of the ancient Devils’ battles. Colchester circa 380 A.D.)

“When finally King Brannon was put to death, and the strong walls of Kaerdungeon castle were destroyed; Branddu[1], the powerful Geisddu[2], came from hell flying through the dark. That very day an obscure kingdom was erected and the lights were suddenly back, leaving the region. So it was abandoned to its doom”.

(Extract from the manuscript of the ancient Devils’ battles. Colchester circa 382 A.D.)

“… Indeed a big army moved through the countryside in those days. Some tribes tried to stop the army of the dark, but they were defeated, and a cruel enemy never seen before put their villages and towns on fire. So many suffered, and a terrible bath of blood floods like a red and wide river of tears. There was no mercy for the defeated. Altogether, men, women and children, even the cattle and farm animals, were slaughtered with no mercy.

In the first battlefield, known until today as “Clan Moran moors”, fallen the principal leaders of the opposition army. Among them were the Earl Kirkie Fitzpatrick, Sir John Upham, Sir Douglas Moore, and the Royal Steward William Borough.

In the lines of the evil enemy fall down the Thane Bogt Bog of Clannan; a Norman count named Maurice Manglêdê; a dreadful Scottish witch called Bir-Bir-Boust and the twin cruel brothers Katharine and Edgar Frazer, this last Earl of Fife.

(Extract of the manuscript of the ancient Devils’ battles. Colchester, circa 382 A. D.)

[1] Gaelic, meaning Black crow,
[2] Gaelic, meaning Black wizard.

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  1. Hola Juan, encontraste al Rey Divino en Colchester? aqui está agotado y pocos conocen a Margaret Murray... es un tiempo de ciegos e ignorantes jeje Un abrazo! A proposito, qué fue de Bir-Bir the Geisddu?


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